100+ talented seamstresses

Every Thermowave product is made with love, and whilst we use advanced technology to sew our products, each piece is hand finished with the touch of a seamstress. We proudly employ over 100 talented seamstresses, each one a caring, skilled professional with a great passion for clothing. This finishing touch provides a special something that no machine could ever replicate.

Experienced technologists

Our experienced technologists design and create apparel to satisfy the latest fashion trends and tastes and can also make bespoke pieces. If you have particular colour or pattern requests, our talented team can even design you a garment with anything which inspires you; from a small piece of fabric to inspiring nature photography. Thus, you never have to settle for a product that you don’t love – with Thermowave, you will always venture into the nature on your terms.

The benefit of having in-house production is that it enables us to have greater quality control. Our skilled craftspeople perform more than 15 quality tests on the wool from thread to the finished garments.

Human rights in the workplace

Thermowave is an advocate for human rights in the workplace and employee satisfaction is fundamental to our business. We provide our employees with fair wages and working hours, insurance and clear, predefined deadlines. We adhere to all work safety protocols and as our employee’s safety is paramount to us, we invest heavily in employee training. We firmly believe that people are more likely to produce quality work when they feel valued. As we do not compromise on our employees’ welfare – you do not need to compromise on your experience when braving the great outdoors.